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Tower Climbing, Safety, and Rescue Courses


Tower Safety Solutions has been training individuals, Fortune 500 companies, major defense contractors, the United States Military as well as many other Government agencies for the last 15 years. We specialize in offering OSHA mandated safety training for construction workers, maintenance personnel, telecom engineers and design personnel regardless of their hands on involvement in working on elevated structures. These structures may be wind turbines, communications towers, billboards power poles, and the like. We are recognized by the National Association Of Tower Erectors (NATE) as an approved training source, after having met Nate's rigorous training standards.

According to both PBS Frontline and ProPublica, in an interview with OSHA's top administrator, Mr. Edwin Foulke, openly admitted that the tower climbing industry was the "most dangerous job in the country".

Given OSHA's acknowledgment, we provide an unparalleled opportunity that brings to light the hazards and challenges faced by today's workforce. Our courses meet or exceed the OSHA mandated  requirements contained in 29CFR1910 as well as many individual state mandated requirements.

We specialize in providing quality training for small groups that ensures personalized attention is paid to every student. Best of all, we come to you. This minimizes your work force's "down time" and allows your employees to work on structures that they are most comfortable with. We'll customize your training experience  for your industry and your specific needs at your site regardless of the location.

We offer two specific courses that meet your needs. First is our "Tower Climbing and Safety" course. It's designed to provide a firm knowledge base to new hires as well as experienced personnel.  It covers all topics contained in Nate's "Authorized Climber CTS", "Competent Climber CTS", and "Competent Rescuer CTS" (*-CTS Course training standard) We also offer a "Train the Trainer" type course that allows your seasoned employees the opportunity to present our class to your work force. This training ensures your continued compliance with recurring training needs.

We believe that meeting our clients individual needs, in respect to keeping their workforce safe is the cornerstone of our organization and we're dedicated to that mission. We have been providing tower climbing safety and rescue training since 1999, with hundreds of clients across a wide array of fields. We are located in the greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. This location provides us with a convenient gateway to the United States,  Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean basin.

We specialize in offering our courses to as few as four students, at your facility or any location you desire!

If you're a large corporation or small company that works on any elevated structure, give us a call!